Step 6 – Engage other community members and industries

Getting involved in Area Wide Management for Qfly means better protection of your community and local industries, as well as helping to manage a problematic pest for an improved future. The more properties actively involved in supporting an Area Wide Management approach, the more effective it will be.

Further, the more people involved, the fairer it will be, because more people will be seen to be contributing. Interestingly, research has found that a sense of fairness – that others are seen to contribute in a fair way – was a critical driver of decisions to participate in Area Wide Management. Seeing that others are participating not only encourages more people to join in, but also bolsters the ongoing commitment of those who are already contributing.

Use your own networks and channels of communication to get the message out. Working together to suppress Qfly in your area, and with the activities of Qfly management groups, will strengthen local industries and support your community. Contact your Qfly regional coordinator or local council for further information on Qfly control and Area Wide Management activities in your town.

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