What if there are no known flies?

Do I need to do any area-wide management if I do not find Qfly?

If you are in a regulated pest free area (PFA) (or pest-free place of production) then you do not need to take management steps. Monitoring and emergency responses are coordinated by the government. For what to expect in this situation, refer to your state department. However, you can still help by understanding more about the fly and being prepared to help in an emergency response to an invasion. Step 2 (know your landscape) and Step 6 (engage others) can help with your response.

If you are not in a regulated PFA but you have not seen any flies, all the management steps still apply to you. Step 1, setting your objective, may seem a little odd if you are not seeing any negative impacts from Qfly. But you could set your objective as ‘catching any Qfly as early as possible’ so that you can act quickly and return to normal. The guidelines will help you achieve this.

In some regions flies might be present but you may not have seen them – in this case management is still advised. Check with your state department if your region is to have flies. Other regions are known to not have flies – for example in a regulated pest free area (PFA).

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