Market Access

Market Access for Qfly-affected produce

What’s the difference between management and market access?

  • Management refers to the things you do, or tools you use, that manage or control a pest.
  • Market access refers to where you can sell produce, or the markets that will accept your produce.

Domestic and international trade have different protocols. Areas may have different fruit fly status under the regulated domestic and international market access systems.

Domestic access does not necessarily mean that international export will follow. In a pest free area (PFA), monitoring is in place to demonstrate the absence of Qfly.

Management reduces pest populations with the aim of achieving clean produce, and market access requires certification that an area is free from the pest. So, improved control (with AWM and/or SIT) reduces the risk to existing market access. Implementing AWM will not automatically result in new or improved market access. Improved or new market access requests from Australia are made and negotiated by the Australian Government, as the National Plant Protection Organisation (NPPO).

For information on domestic trade regulations contact your state agricultural department.

For information on international trade regulations contact the Department of Agricultural and Water Resources.

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