Step 7 – Consider costs and funding

“How are we going to fund it?”

Most growers will currently be addressing Qfly in some manner. However, best management practice is crucial to a successful AWM approach. Looking outside your property and supporting further efforts is also important for the greatest success. Research results show growers indicate a willingness to pay for programs that treat urban landscapes.

Each grower has their own individual and business circumstances, and these circumstances affect how much you are willing, and can afford, to pay. Likewise, local community members are also shown to often be willing AWM participants, and can be an important support for the program.

So, if you can help – in whatever way you can – you will be helping to increase participation and adoption rate at the start of the AWM program, as well as demonstrating the effectiveness of the program to others. The more people involved in the AWM program , the more cost-effective it is.

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